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For sustainable companies in the 21st century.

Agile organizational development and holacracy are two important approaches for shaping companies in the 21st century. Both aim to enable companies to react flexibly, quickly and successfully to changes and thus increase their competitiveness. Due to the close customer orientation, the promotion of personal responsibility and self-organization, the flexibility and the innovative strength, companies will be able to assert themselves successfully in the market.


Why every company should work agile and holocratic?


Agile methods ensure a high level of customer satisfaction: through close cooperation with the customer, requirements are implemented quickly and in a targeted manner.


Holacracy promotes the responsibility and self-organization of the employees: flat hierarchies and a high level of motivation and commitment of the employees are created.


Agile processes and holocracy increase fleFlexibility and adaptability of the company: Changes can be implemented quickly without blocking the entire company.


Agile organizational development and holocracy lead to greater innovative strength and efficiency: Through the continuous improvement of processes and the participation of all employees, new ideas and solutions are developed and implemented more quickly.

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