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Loretta Schneiders

"I have a black belt in process optimization."

Loretta Schneiders - Accounting, Customer Success, Business Processes


Financial Intrapreneur,
& Process Designer.

I am a number-affine and empathetic-pragmatic process designer with many years of experience in the areas of accounting, accounts payable and receivable management & business processes. My driving force: entrepreneurial mindset and constant drive for optimization. My attitude: strong service mentality, but always with a straight back (important). What I love: communication and above all: foreign languages. Because languages give me the freedom to work for clients all over the world. Means: Wherever you are located: We understand each other.


  • German

  • English

  • Spanish

  • French

  • Portuguese

  • Dutch

And otherwise: Upcyclerin & female MacGyver, yoga teacher, social entrepreneur, Dutch cyclist, wine lover & globetrotter.

My topics:

Business processes,

Accounts receivables &

payables management.

Just give me a call, arrange a digital coffee appointment or go directly to LinkedIn.

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More about my previous and current engagements

you can find it on Linkedin. Let's network, have a digital coffee and talk about your challenges.

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