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Holocratic, socio-cratic. But above all: empathetic.

Holacratic organizational development

Fast decision-making processes, flat hierarchies, independent and self-effective work are not only healthier in our fast and uncertain times, but also give you everything you need to keep up with the fast pace of the 21st century in terms of performance. We are organizational developers specializing in the implementation of holocratic and sociocratic models. Our way of working: above all empathetic. Because before we develop the first approaches, we ask questions like “What fears of new structures are there within the organization? How has it been managed so far? What does the team need in order to be motivated? What willingness to change do the employees actually bring with them?”. Because new structures cannot be turned inside out like a unisex sock. That's why our work always begins with a blank sheet of paper. This gives us the necessary space for solutions that your employees understand, understand and can therefore also implement. Because understanding is still the best motivation. Has never been different.

Our services as organizational developer:

  • Building a holocratic organizational structure

  • Development of an operational framework

  • Integration into the existing organization 

  • Accompaniment of the change process


You've come to the right place if you ask yourself:

  • How do we make our form of organization sustainable in our fast-moving times?

  • How do we optimize our entrepreneurial adaptability without losing sight of our corporate DNA?

  • How can we break down the hierarchies in our company and at the same time take all employees with us?

  • How do we take away our employees' fear of change?

  • How do we ensure clear understanding and thus motivation for the change among all employees?


Ask us - by calling or writing to us. 


We look forward to you.


Organizational development is a broad field. We would be happy to tell you in a personal conversation how we work and what opportunities holocracy and sociocracy have for your company. But before that you would like to know more about me?

Jens Schneiders - Holocratic & Sociocratic Organizational Development


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