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Innovation in the social economy

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More sustainable & social progress.

Innovation in the 
social economy.

A key element for sustainable social progress is certainly innovation in the social economy. In the dynamic age of the 21st century, however, the term "innovation" is mainly closely associated with technological breakthroughs and disruptive business models. But innovation does not only take place in the technology sector. In reality, the area where innovation is most needed and has the greatest potential for a broad, profound impact is the social economy.

More than a breakthrough in technology

Innovation for the social economy, however
holistic please.

01 The importance of innovation in the social economy

The social economy, which focuses on organizations and businesses pursuing social or environmental goals, is at the forefront of addressing complex social challenges. Innovation in the social economy can pave the way for more effective and efficient solutions to social problems. It can offer new approaches to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged population groups and help build sustainable communities.

02 Digital transformation in the social economy

In today's digitally connected world, digital transformation plays a crucial role in the social economy. By using new technologies like artificial intelligence, Big Data and blockchain can help social enterprises improve their performance, increase their reach and foster new social innovations.

03 Social innovations for inclusive change

Innovation in the social economy includes not only technological advances but also social innovations. These are new strategies, concepts and ideas aimed at satisfying social needs. Social innovations, such as inclusive employment models or participatory decision-making processes, promote inclusive social change and strengthen the resilience of communities.

04 The role of social entrepreneurship

Innovation in the social economy is often driven by intrapreneurs in social entrepreneurs and social enterprises. These use business practices and models to solve social or environmental challenges. You sit up innovative business modelsthat are not only profitable but also have a positive social impact.


Do you have questions and would like to learn more about how we can jointly raise innovations in the social economy and at the same time strengthen social entrepreneurship? But before that, are you still interested in who would accompany you?

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